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Selecting a career path should involve thoughtful research and consideration. It’s important to understand if it’s worthwhile. What will the industry look like in a few years? Will it be worth the investment of time and money? What level of education is the best choice for getting where you want to go?

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Take a look at the example below, which outlines the role of a Marketing Manager in the present and future workforce.

Profession: Marketing Manager

Wages & Employment Trends

Median wages: $63.07/hour, $131,180/year
Number of employees holding this position: 194,000

Looking Ahead:

Projected Growth: Faster than average (9% to 13%)
Projected Job Openings: 64,200

Educational Background:

Percentage of Respondents: Education Level Required:
56 Bachelor’s degree
24 Master’s degree
11 Professional degree

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