Future Guides helps you focus your college and career decision. Here’s what others say:

“Before finding Future Guides, I was frustrated with not getting the complete information needed to complete my search for colleges. When I search the internet, I usually choose from the top choices of the search. I usually don't go past the 4th or 5th choice because I feel it's not worth it. After I received my Personalized Guide, it helped me broaden my search of schools for Computer Engineering Technology. I recommend Future Guides because it gives you specific choices.” Donna P.
“My frustration before Future Guides, was how overwhelming it was to look for schools with my interests and financial need. I initially looked of schools in my region, but then wanted to branch out. My Future Guide report gave me concentrated information on the primary topics in question, and helped me see if my choice of schools were a good fit.” Stazya R.
“My main frustration before Future Guides was being overwhelmed by the internet and getting sidetracked when searching for information. Future Guides introduced me to O*net and college navigator and gave me easy introductory information to digest about my choices. I recommend Future Guides to others because I know they are just as frustrated with finding specific, helpful information regarding career choices and college choices.”Roxanne B
“Every aspect of my Future Guides report was important to making my decision, but the financial aid and career outlook were especially beneficial. Knowing the future growth of a possible career was a huge bonus as well. The guide is easy to understand and I used it to compare colleges and careers. It also helped with my final decision process. I have already recommended it to others and will continue to do so.” Tami B
“Before Future Guides I would have to navigate through each individual college I was interested in getting information on. It was very time consuming and at times difficult to find the information I was looking for. I needed to find one website that I could go to and find the information I needed to know about each college in order to help me better decide where I wanted to apply. My Personalized Career and College Guide helped me organize all of my career choices and college choices in one basket. I was able to compare tuition, scholarships and more.” Cathy S